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PROMPT Therapy

My dedication to working with children with motor speech disorders led me to become a Level 1 PROMPT trained speech-language pathologist in 2018. PROMPT stands for Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets and PROMPT trained speech-language pathologists use their hand to provide tactile-kinesthetic touch cues on a child’s face to manually guide the jaw, tongue, and lips through targeted, functional words. Each speech sound has its own tactile-kinesthetic touch cue which helps a child round and retract the muscles of the face and lips, and to assist with various jaw movements. PROMPT therapy assists patients who present with motor speech disorders, such as apraxia of speech and dysarthria. I use PROMPT to help children develop motor control and proper oral muscular movements as well as work to eliminate compensatory muscle movements, such as jaw sliding and inadequate lip rounding. 


Complimentary Consultation

Darling Speech Therapy offers a free 15-minute consultation via phone or Zoom in order to discuss concerns, answer questions, and determine if further evaluation is recommended. 

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